7.1         Environmental Exceedance


7.1.1     No Action / Limit Level exceedance was recorded for 24-hr TSP and construction noise at KTD1a, KTD2a and KER1b in the reporting month.


7.2         Complaints, Notification of Summons and Prosecution


7.2.1     A complaint received on 30 May 2018 was referred from EPD on 8 June 2018 and summarized as below:


·         The complainant complained that some large stockpiles were found uncovered and dust emission was observed during excavation (the site between Kai Fuk Road and Shing Cheong Road, Southwest of Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Center).


The notification of complaint was received by ET on 9 June 2018.


7.2.2     Joint site inspection was carried out by ET, HMJV and CRBC on 31 May 2018, by ET, IEC, HMJV and CRBC on 7 and 14 June 2018.


It was observed that:


·         Open stockpiles of construction materials at Portion I were covered with impermeable sheeting and kept moist to prevent the dust emission;


·         Hydroseeding was provided and developed on the surface of the stockpiling materials to protect the soil surface to reduce dust emission;


·         No dust emission was observed during excavation.


The complaint received on 30 May 2018 is not valid.


7.2.3     No environmental complaint, notification of summons and successful prosecution were received in the reporting month.


7.2.4     Cumulative complaint log, summaries of complaints, notification of summons and successful prosecutions are presented in Appendix L.