5.            WASTE MANAGEMENT


5.1         Audit Requirements


5.1.1     The effective management of waste arising during the construction phase will be monitored through the site audit programme. Regular audits and site inspections should be carried out to ensure that the recommended good site practices and other mitigation measures are implemented by the Contractor.


5.1.2     The audit should look at all aspects of on-site waste management practices including the waste generation, storage, recycling, transport and disposal. The aims of waste audit are:


l   to ensure the waste arising from the works are handled, stored, collected, transferred and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner;


l   verify the implementation status and evaluate the effectiveness of the mitigation measures; and


l   to encourage the reuse and recycling of material. 


5.2         Results and Observations


5.2.1     C&D materials and wastes sorting were carried out on site. Receptacles were available for C&D wastes and general refuse collection.


5.2.2     The amount of wastes generated by the site activities in the reporting month is shown in Appendix I.