8.            Conclusions


8.1.1     Total 3 no. of Action Level exceedances were recorded in the reporting period. Exceedances were recorded for 24-hr TSP Action Levels at KTD1a and KTD2a on 1 March 2016 and at KTD2a on 30 March 2016. No Limit Level exceedance for 24-hr TSP and no Action and Limit Level exceedance for construction noise were recorded.


8.1.2     No complaint of air quality was received. Therefore, no impact 1-hour TSP monitoring was conducted in the reporting period.


8.1.3     Thirteen no. of environmental site inspections were carried out in the reporting period. Recommendations on mitigation measures on air quality, water quality, noise, waste management and landscape and visual impact were given to the Contractor for remediating the deficiencies identified during the site inspections.


8.1.4     Thirteen weekly Landscape and Visual Site audits were carried out on in the reporting period and 7 of them were carried out by a Registered Landscape Architect in the reporting period. The weekly Landscape and Visual Impact reports were counter-signed by IEC as according to the requirement of EM&A Manual (AEIAR-130/2009). Total 1 no. of non-compliance was recorded in the weekly Landscape and Visual Site audits in the reporting period.


8.1.5     Referring to the Contractor’s information, no environmental complaint, notification of summons and successful prosecution was received in the reporting period.


8.2         Comment and Recommendations


8.2.1     The recommended environmental mitigation measures, as proposed in the EIA reports and EM&A Manuals shall be effectively implemented to minimize the potential environmental impacts from the Project. The EM&A programme would effectively monitor the environmental impacts generated from the construction activities and ensure the proper implementation of mitigation measures.


8.2.2     According to the environmental audit performed in the reporting period, the following recommendations were made:


Air Quality Impact

l   Fugitive dust preventive measures shall be implemented.


Construction Noise Impact

l   Effective noise mitigation measures shall be implemented to minimize construction noise impact


Water Quality Impact

l   Implement effective/preventive measures to prevent accumulation of stagnant water and to avoid site runoff from the site;

l   Provide proper drainage system management.


Chemical and Waste Management

l   Chemical and Waste Management shall be provided properly.


Landscape and Visual Impact

l   Proper covering of the open stockpiles.


Permit / Licenses

l   No specific observation was identified in the reporting period.