8.            Conclusions


8.1.1     No Action and Limit Level exceedance for 24-hr TSP and noise was recorded in the reporting period at all monitoring stations.


8.1.2     13 weekly environmental site inspections were carried out in the reporting period. Recommendations on mitigation measures on air quality, water quality, noise, waste management, land contamination and landscape and visual impact were given to the Contractor for remediating the deficiencies identified during the site inspections.


8.1.3     13 weekly Landscape and Visual Site audits were carried out on in the reporting period and 7 of them were carried out by a Registered Landscape Architect in the reporting period. The weekly Landscape and Visual Impact reports were counter-signed by IEC as according to the requirement of EM&A Manual (AEIAR-130/2009). Total 6 no. of non-compliance were recorded in the weekly Landscape and Visual Site audits in the reporting period.


8.1.4     A compliant received on 7 December 2016 was referred from EPD on 15 December 2016 regarding the sand and mud dropped from the vehicle that caused Cheung Yip Street and Shing Cheong dusty. The notification of complaint was received by ET on 27 January 2017.


8.1.5     A complaint received on 9 February 2017 was referred from EPD on 21 February 2017 and summarized as below:


l     No car washing machine was found in the construction site near the gate of former Radar Tower.

l     Dust was observed when the vehicle leaving and entering the Site.


The notification of complaint was received by ET on 22 February 2017.


8.1.6     Referring to the Contractor’s information, no notification of summons and successful prosecution was received in the reporting period.


8.2         Comment and Recommendations


8.2.1     The recommended environmental mitigation measures, as proposed in the EIA reports and EM&A Manuals shall be effectively implemented to minimize the potential environmental impacts from the Project. The EM&A programme would effectively monitor the environmental impacts generated from the construction activities and ensure the proper implementation of mitigation measures.


8.2.2     According to the environmental audit performed in the reporting period, the following recommendations were made:


Air Quality Impact

l   Open stockpiles shall be covered by unobtrusive sheeting to prevent dust emission.

l   Contractor was reminded to provide adequate watering to reduce dust emission.

l   The C&D material shall be properly covered after the excavation is done.

l   Dark smoke was observed in an operating crane. Purifier shall be installed and repairing programme shall be implemented.


Construction Noise Impact

l   The door of air compressor shall be closed in order to reduce noise impact.

Water Quality Impact

l   Contractor shall provide a good practise to prevent waste water from wheel washing to enter the public drainage. Proper wheel washing area shall be provided.

l   Waste water shall be removed.

l   Channel between Zone 1 and the Wetsep was blocked by silt or clay. Blockage should be cleared before the wet season Waste water shall be removed.

l   Surface runoff shall be prevented to enter public drainage or haul road.


Chemical and Waste Management

l   Sufficient waste disposal points and regular collection for disposal shall be provided.

l   Chemical oil shall be stored properly. Drip tray shall be provided.


Landscape and Visual Impact

l   Open stockpiles shall be covered by unobtrusive sheeting to prevent dust and dirt spreading to adjacent landscape areas and vegetation, and to create a neat and tidy visual appearance.


General Condition

l   Stagnant water was found in the storage area of construction materials. Stagnant water shall be removed.

l   Proper wheel washing facilities in every vehicle exit point shall be provided or otherwise to ensure no vehicle would exit.


Permit / Licenses

l   No specific observation was identified in the reporting month.