4.            WASTE MANAGEMENT


4.1         Results and Observations


4.1.1     C&D materials and wastes sorting were carried out on site. Receptacles were available for C&D wastes and general refuse collection.


4.1.2     The amount of wastes generated by the site activities in the reporting period is shown in Appendix E.


4.1.3     The Contractor is advised to properly maintain on site C&D materials and wastes collection, sorting and recording system and maximize reuse / recycle of C&D materials and wastes. The Contractor is reminded to properly maintain the site tidiness and dispose of the wastes accumulated on site regularly and properly.


4.1.4     The Contractor is reminded that chemical waste containers should be properly treated and stored temporarily in designated chemical waste storage area on site in accordance with the Code of Practice on the Packaging, Labelling and Storage of Chemical Wastes.