1.            INTRODUCTION


1.1         Background


1.1.1     The Kai Tak Development is located in the south-eastern part of Kowloon Peninsula of the HKSAR, comprising the apron and runway areas of the former Kai Tak Airport and existing waterfront areas at To Kwa Wan, Ma Tau Kok, Kowloon Bay, Kwun Tong and Cha Kwo Ling.


1.1.2     Contract No. KL/2014/03 is the works package to construct an approximately 420m long supporting underground structure (SUS) underneath Shing Cheong Road and Cheung Yip Street. The EM&A programme under this Contract is governed by three EPs (EP-337/2009, EP-339/2009/A and EP-451/2013) and two EM&A Manuals (AEIAR-130/2009 and AEIAR-174/2013). The Works to be executed under this Contract and corresponding EPs include but not be limited to the following main items:


EP-451/2013 – Trunk Road T2

(i)            Construction of approximately 420m long supporting underground structure (SUS) including diaphragm walls, barrettes, piled foundation, top and bottom slabs, end wall and adits underneath Shing Cheong Road and Cheung Yip Street;


EP-337/2009 – New Distributor Roads Serving the Planned Kai Tak Development

(ii)           Widening and re-alignment of Cheung Yip Street of approximately 330m long and associated footpaths;

(iii)          Demolition, reconstruction and widening of Shing Cheong Road of approximately 410m long and associated footpaths;

(iv)         Construction of drainage outfall and modification of existing seawall;

(v)          Construction of ancillary works including surface drainage, sewerage, water, fire fighting, street lighting, street furniture, road marking, road signage, utilities and services, irrigation and landscape works.


EP-339/2009/A – Decommissioning of the Remaining Parts (Ex-GFS Building, Radar Station and Hong Kong Aviation Club) of the former Kai Tak Airport

(vi)         Demolition of RADAR Tower and guard house;


Other works not covered by any EP

(vii)        Construction of two subways between Phase II of New Acute Hospital (Site A) and Hong Kong Children’s Hospital (Site C), and between Phase I of New Acute Hospital (Site B) and Site C;

(viii)       Construction of District Cooling System (DCS) along Cheung Yip Street and Shing Cheong Road


1.1.3     The location and boundary of the site is shown in Figure 1.


1.1.4     This Quarterly EM&A report is required under Section 16.1.2 and 16.7.1 of the EM&A Manual AEIAR-130/2009. It is to report the results and findings of the EM&A programme required in the EM&A Manual.


1.1.5     This is the twentieth Quarterly EM&A Report which summaries the impact monitoring results and audit findings for the Project within the period between 1 December 2020 and 18 March 2021.


1.2         Project Organization


1.2.1     The project proponent was the Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR (CEDD). Hyder Meinhardt Joint Venture (HMJV) was commissioned by CEDD as the Engineer for the Project. Ramboll Hong Kong Limited was commissioned as the Independent Environmental Checker (IEC). China Road and Bridge Corporation (Hong Kong) (CRBC) was appointed as the main contractor for the construction works under the contract KL/2014/03. MateriaLab Consultants Limited (MCL) was appointed as the Environmental Team (ET) by CEDD to implement the EM&A programme for the Project.


1.2.2     The organization structure is shown in Appendix B. The key personnel contact names and numbers for the Project are summarized in Table 1.1.


1.3         Construction Programme and Activities


1.3.1     The construction of the Project commenced in February 2016 and is expected to complete in March 2021.


1.3.2     The proposal for Termination of EM&A Programme for construction phase under this Contract was certified by the ET Leader, verified by the IEC on 15 December 2020, approved by EPD on 18 March 2021.


1.3.3     The construction programme is shown in Appendix A. A summary of the major construction activities undertaken in the reporting period were: