Q1 What is the design of Trunk Road T2?
This project is a dual two-lane trunk road of approximately 3.4 km long, with about 3.1 km in the form of a tunnel. It comprises of the Trunk Road T2 of approximately 3.0 km long (with about 2.7 km in the form of a tunnel) and the Cha Kwo Ling (CKL) Tunnel of approximately 0.4 km long.

Q2 What is the benefit of the construction of Trunk Road T2 and CKL Tunnel?
The Trunk Road T2 and the CKL Tunnel form the middle section of Route 6. They connect the CKR to the west and the main tunnel of the TKO-LTT to the east. Upon commissioning of the Route 6, the public can have a more convenient express access between Kowloon East and West and amongst the developments along the route. With the Project completed, it is estimated that the journey time during the peak hours between the western entrance/exit of the TKO-LTT, i.e. Lam Tin Interchange, and the eastern entrance/exit of the CKR, i.e. Kai Tak Interchange would be reduced from about 15 minutes to about 3 minutes.

Q3 What is the anticipated completion date?

Under Construction
"Track" is our periodic newsletter about the Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel. We will provide TWO versions of the newsletter with different size for download.

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