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Figure 1                 Project General Layout

Figure 2                 Air and Noise Monitoring Locations





Appendix A

Construction Programme

Appendix B

Project Organization Chart

Appendix C

Action and Limit Levels for Air Quality and Noise

Appendix D

Calibration Certificates of Monitoring Equipment

Appendix E

Environmental Monitoring Schedules

Appendix F

Air Quality Monitoring Data

Appendix G

Noise Monitoring Data

Appendix H

Event Action Plans

Appendix I

Waste Flow Table

Appendix J

Environmental Mitigation Implementation Schedule (EMIS)

Appendix K

Weather and Meteorological Conditions during Reporting Month

Appendix L

Cumulative statistics on Environmental Complaints, Notifications of Summons and Successful Prosecutions

Appendix M

Summary of Site Audit in the Reporting Month

Appendix N

Outstanding Issues and Deficiencies
















Executive Summary


 i.    The Civil Engineering and Development Department HKSAR has appointed MateriaLab Consultants Limited (MCL) to undertake the Environmental Team services for the Project and implement the EM&A works.


ii.    This Monthly EM&A report presents the environmental monitoring and audit works for the period between 1 December 2016 and 31 December 2016. As informed by the Contractor, major activities in the reporting month were:


ž   Temporary utility diversion;

ž   Implementation of Temporary Traffic Arragement (TTA);

ž   Construction of Socket H piles;

ž   Excavation and Earth Lateral Support (ELS) construction for Supporting Underground Structure (SUS).

ž   Construction of Subway B;

ž   Construction of guide walls and D-walls; and

ž   Construction of District Cooling System Works.


Breaches of the Action and Limit Levels


iii.    No Action / Limit Level exceedance was recorded for 24-hr TSP and construction noise at KTD1a, KTD2a and KER1b in the reporting month.


Complaint, Notification of Summons and Successful Prosecution


iv.    No environmental complaint and no notification of summons and successful prosecution were received in the reporting month.


Reporting Changes


v.    There was no reporting change in the reporting month.


Future Key Issues


vi.   The key issues to be considered in the coming reporting month include:


Potential environmental impacts arising from the above construction activities are mainly associated with construction dust, construction noise, water quality, waste management and landscape and visual impact.